Join our 100 Club to support Rotary’s work with local, national and international charities.


Each 100 Club member buys a number from 1 to a 100 which is allocated by the Rotary Club of Uttoxeter. 100 Club Members may each buy a maximum of 2 numbers.

Membership of the 100 Club costs £60 per number, per year. To join complete the online membership signup form and arrange a standing order mandate with your bank for £5 a month or £60 a year or alternatively pay by cheque or bank transfer to the Rotary Club of Uttoxeter (£60 only) see Handbook pages 3-5.

Each Application Form submitted applies for a single 100 Club Membership Number. For multiple numbers submit the form multiple times.

Over a calendar year 52% of the 100 Club’s income will be given as prize money; the remainder will be paid to charity.                                                        

The 100 Club draw will usually take place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting in January 2021 and be viewable on Zoom. If all 100 membership numbers have been sold the prize money will be:1st £120 (24%), 2nd £80 (16%), 3rd £40 (8%) apart from December when the prizes are doubled; 1st prize will be  £240 (48%), 2nd £160 (32%), 3rd  £80 (16%). These percentages of prize money to total takings will be maintained if the number of  tickets in a draw is less than 100.  

For full 100 Club Rules and Information consult the 100 Club Handbook,